Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog Post 9: The future of journalism

Journalism has many struggles that it is dealing with.  The biggest being the Internet and civilian journalism and what that means for newspapers and TV reporters.  Some may think that the journalism business is dying and that the Internet and people will be the primary source for news, but I do not think that will be the case.  I think there are still many possibilities and opportunities to have a career in journalism.

I do think that journalists and news organizations need to find a way to adapt to the changing culture faster.  They need to be able to embrace new technologies instead of fight against them like they seem to do when the Internet first started to come into play as a viable option.  Most of the news organizations have done this and I think it has given even more opportunities for journalists.  Primarily because the Internet allows you to increase your coverage and serve more niche markets.  I think journalists now have the ability to reach audiences that they never have been able to before, and cover more news than what they could have before.

I also think that the outlook for journalism is positive because at the end of the day someone will have to cover the news.  News won’t stop.  Although civilians are now coming into the picture most them do not have the resources or time to produce quality and timely reporting.  Journalists will always be the go to sources for news because they have a history and they take the time to find the stories.  While many daily newspapers have gone away they have been replaced by other  forms of reporting whether it be Internet newspaper sites, radio, or TV (even short news stories on YouTube).  

I also feels like it comes down to having a passion for reporting the news.  For those that are willing to sacrifice and work hard there will always be a place for them in reporting and to be successful.  While it may not be for everybody, and it isn’t the easiest of jobs, again someone will need to do it, and if you have the drive you can be successful.

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