Saturday, February 28, 2009

Huge Shout Out to Miki K's

Last night was awesome! Thanks to my good friend Mikila Hemstalk i was able to get a great deal on some MC Hammer Vanilla Ice tickets for Friday night. I took Shannnon Robertson with me and we had a great time. Vanilla Ice opened up and he rocked. He sang a bunch of his new stuff and then took it back old school style with some Ice Ice Baby and Go Ninja Go. I don't think there is a better way to relive apart of your childhood then to actually see Go Ninja Go Ninja Go actually performed live by the Ice Man himself. After Vanilla Ice it was Hammer Time and he did not fail to disappoint. He kept pretty much old school the entire time and it was fun watching him up there in his hammer pants bustin out to U Can't Touch This. Seriously though last night was a blast. Overall I think that Vanilla put on a better show, but nevertheless, both were way cool. Once again Mikila thanks for the hook up and you can officially call me Coach from now on!

Also just a quick update on the ankle. For all you Nay Sayers out there I did play in my soccer game on Thursday and I did dominate. i played goalie, but was an absolute beast back there. Also i have a game tonight that i will most likely dominate in again! And i hope that everyone said their prayers today so that the Cougs will be the Utes!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I've Got the Basketball Jones

I should have taken the passing of Larry H. Miller (owner of the Utah Jazz) on Friday as a sign of bad things to come for me in relation to basketball. I have always been a huge Jazz fan so his passing was sad because he had done so much for that team. Little did I know it was also a bad omen.

On Saturday i went and played some basketball with a couple of buddies. Everything was going fine and i was having a lot of fun until I went up for a rebound and came right down on another person's foot. Next thing I know I heard two loud pops and my ankle was in extreme pain. My first thought was, "Oh crap! Mom is going to kill me?" Why was that my first thought. Well about two weeks ago I told my mom that I wanted to file as an independent for my taxes and she was against this because I would have to be taken off their insurance, and if anything were to happen I would be screwed. Luckily though i just sprained my ankle and it didn't break so a trip to the hospital wasn't necessary. So even with the forces of Karma working against me I have come out on top!

Also on a more of a down note BYU lost a huge game to UNLV. BYU's chances to get into the tournament took a big hit Saturday night. I don't think that i am really all that mad that we lost on Saturday, but just overall that we can't step up for big games. For some reason, or another, anytime we have a "must win" situation our key players (namely Cummard and Fredette) seem to disappear. I think a huge problem that BYU has is the lack of athleticism. Every great team has someone who can take over a game and create his own shots by beating their guy off of the dribble. And BYU just doesn't have that. If you watched the last ten minutes of the game UNLV's Wink Adams took over and dominated. He got into the lane, shot the ball from the outside, and got to the free throw line and killed BYU. This is what we are missing. As great as Cummard is he is not the type of player that will beat his opponent off the dribble and get into the lane. Also most of his shots come from beating his opponent off of screens. Well there was just one problem. UNLV kept switching on the screens so Cummard couldn't get the shot he was looking for all night. All in all it was a very disappointing performance and once again proves that BYU can't step up in big game situations, which will be their doom if they make it into the tournament.

Anyway after this weekend i am thinking that i need to take break from basketball for awhile. Hopefully i will be able to recuperate quickly enough for my soccer game on Thursday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

That's Right I am Starting a Blog

After a lot of deliberation and because i had a request from a couple of people I have decided to start a blog. I really don't know why I need to. I have no wife, no kids, and well I am not even going to school right now so I don't see why anyone would actually want to read this. Mainly my life is composed of going to work (Zinch) and watching sports. Hopefully though this blog i can write about my dating life, which I know most of my family is laughing right now, I might write some of my opinions on what is going on in the sporting world (especially BYU!!!), and so my mom can know what I am up to and i won't feel as guilty because I never call her. Anyway i hope you enjoy and hopefully I can remember to actually update this thing.

For those who want a quick update on my life I am currently living in Provo, UT and working at my job Zinch. I live at the Cinnamon Tree Apts. which is a piece of dump. I am not currently dating anyone right now and I am just enjoying being single. Also come December i will be the only Hancock (besides Scotty of course) that won't be married. I know that sounds pathetic to most of you, but I am having a lot of fun out here.