Friday, November 13, 2009

Dang I am GLAD I avoided that one!

Alright so for all of those who hadn't heard I had been going out and dating this girl in my ward for a couple of weeks. She seemed cool and knew just about as much of BYU sports that I did. It seemed liked it was a match made in heaven right? Not only could we go out and date, but she would have let me watch all of the sports that i wanted to.

I took her out a couple of times and she came on really strong (Anyone who knows me knows that I hate that). In fact on our first date we came back to watch a movie at our apartment and she was getting a little bit too cuddly for my comfort. After the first date i wasn't really sure if i was feeling it. The only connection we had was sports really, but nothing else. I decided though that i would take her out again and see if something happens.

We hung out all week and we had planned a date for Thursday. Every time we hung out she acted as if we were a couple and i just wasn't sure. I could tell that she wanted to kiss me, but something didn't feel right. On Wednesday she starts telling me how she has had about ten boyfriends and almost all of them she wanted to marry. The minute I hear this I could hear sirens going off in my head. All this girl wants to do is get married, and she will take whatever comes her way. Anyway we go out on Thursday and afterward I was positive it was our last date. I didn't know how to tell her so I was trying to play it off. We were suppose to hang out on Saturday, but i came up with an excuse why I couldn't. Then I left for Dallas to go to a conference and she was texting me the whole time i was there. I didn't respond to her text. I know it sounds like I am a jerk, but really I didn't want to lead her on. *On a side note we saw Snoop Dogg while I was there because he was staying in our hotel... it was pretty sweet.

So I get home late Thursday night around 12:00 fully prepared to break the news to her the next day, but the best part was she had already moved on! One of her roommates were over when i came home and told me that she was hanging out here because the girl was making out with another guy. All I could do was laugh and feel relieved that I didn't have to talk to her anymore. I was even more happy that I never kissed her because it was obvious that all she wanted was to get a boyfriend. Needless to say it was a weird two weeks with a funny ending. Oh well. I guess that is what happens though when you date people who are a lot more immature than you, and are just hungry to get married!