Monday, March 15, 2010

I thought I would add some pics for those who haven't seen the apartment yet.

Also my thoughts on the BYU tournament game. They drew Florida which to me isn't a bad draw in all honesty. I know that is seems scary because they have the name, but Florida can't really shoot and they depend a lot on their athleticism. If BYU can score 80 points, which is pretty easy for them, they will win this game. Florida doesn't have the fire power to hang with them. The only real problem is that if BYU has an Achilles heel it is against athletic teams. It will only cause problems on the offensive end for BYU, but I think BYU has enough weapons to get around them. BYU shot themselves in the foot however. They could have easily ended up with a four seed had they not choked away that New Mexico game. Freaking Noah throw it down next time! Don't go for a sissy lay up!